The core strength and upper body strength is constantly developed when learning yoga the trapeze way!
Even though these activities may seem effortless and graceful, the physical effort applied to yoga trapeze is extremely intense and challenging. It is appropriate however for any fitness level as we work within small ranges progressing each time making small victories of improvement. our routines are great for toning the muscles and for allowing a large amount of energy to be released.



An estimated 80 percent of the population experience back ache in some form during their lifetime. Because we are a culture of sitting, our poor spines are constantly compressed which leads to all sorts of back pain, herniated discs pinched nerves etc. The yoga trapeze extends your soft tissues and muscles improving range of motion and cuts down on stiffness. It helps widen the distance between your vertebra easing nerve stress and pain. The trapeze strengthens your core and upper body which releases the burden on your back. 
The development of physical fitness that is obtained through trapeze Yoga should never be underestimated. Yoga trapeze fitness increases muscle strength as well as tones your body naturally, no matter what age you are. This strengthening extends beyond just the muscles, developing other tissues such as the ligaments and tendons assisting in preventing injuries while taking part in other activities. 



It’s not a secret that physical activity offers an excellent boost to your mental health. Yoga trapeze mental-health benefits go far beyond traditional types of fitness. We bring the feeling of calmness when seeing the world from an upside down perspective. This is derived from deep muscle relaxation from being “hung in the air” as well as meditation and breathing exercises. Another important factor for mood lifting is the amount of oxygen delivered to the brain. 

Keeping all these benefits in mind, Yoga Trapeze is a great way to stay fit and healthy for individuals who may have become bored with their current exercise regimes or for those in search of new challenges. These activities are not only fun but have assisted many in building a strong body as well as a sound mind.




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